Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our August Give-Away

As you can see... "center-stage" in our give-away for August
is a tiny cigar tin: "Between the Acts"

For this month's give-away we are asking you to post a comment
about: "Between the Seasons..."  Katie and I both love 
this time of transition and changefrom August to September.
From spending less time in our gardens 
to simply enjoying the longer shadows on the lawns; 
change is in the air!

What do you enjoy the most about the seasonal change, 
moving from summer... and approaching autumn?

Drop us a note... embrace the change!


  1. I love to sit on my patio on these hot sunny days as I sip a glass of iced and feel the heat of the sun as it warms my skin, then muscles, and then joints. As I do, I anticipate the cool mornings that are coming when the heat will come from a cup of hot coffee as it floods my insides. These transitional days remind me that there are times when our Father allows things in our lives to heat up to the point that we seek refuge in His shadow, while in dark and cold times He warms us from the inside with His Word and Spirit. Both seasons reflect His love for and care of each of us.

  2. It means the rain is coming, something that nurtures my soul. Always has. Have to be near the water.

  3. I love having the doors and windows open and fresh air wafting through the house. Perfect weather for relaxing on the deck with a glass of fresh-brewed iced tea.

  4. Oh my those items are just fantastic Daryle! 2 of your gorgeous funnels and those adorable little dolls! All so beautiful but of course I had my lucky win last month with the wonderful things you sent me and certainly don't want you to put me in the hat again so soon. Though I'm happy to tell you that the major things I look forward to with the change from summer to autumn would be the absence of humidity finally! and the outlook from my windows is not as harshly glary! :)

  5. What a lovely giveaway yet again Daryle! This time of year makes me feel a little sad to realize that the hot languid days of summer are now over but then I also look forward with great anticipation to the crisp, clear days of autumn with the beautiful colours of the changing leaves. It always amazes me how quickly the change occurs, one day it is summer and the next you can feel the cool hand of autumn in the shadows. Thanks as always for your generous giveaway! Deb

  6. I love that the days are still hot but the nights are starting to get cool and crisp. I love hearing acorns start to drop and watching the posion oak turning red signaling the onset of fall and all of its goodness. I wander through the recipe books looking forward to all things pumpkin and spice and stack the wood pile soaking in the remaining warmth of the waining summer sun.

  7. For me I love the feeling of renewal that Autumn brings.

  8. The transition between summer and fall has always been my favorite. This year in Western Montana we have been burning up, literally. Suddenly the nights are cooler and some much needed rain has arrived. The air is crisp and the smoke has cleared. I find my heart filled with gratitude for the time of harvest. Abundant gardens loaded with produce. Busy days canning and dehydrating.