Saturday, September 19, 2015

With Brush in Hand...

Katie has been working on her watercolor technique
over the summer months... We thought that it was "time" 
to debut her lovely work!

Tulip Times Two...

A Perennial Favorite... Pansies!  (Violas, truth be told...)

Bluebird...of Happiness!

Fresh-Cut Flowers from Our Gardens...

Enjoy! Daryle & Katie


  1. All so beautiful Katie! I love the transparent, flowing look that comes with watercolour and you've captured it wonderfully!
    You've picked two fabulous subjects to paint....both birds and flowers would be two of my favourites.

    I started an online class a little while ago with a lady called Laurie May but never managed to finish it, but so wish I had. But the little I did I thoroughly enjoyed. :)

  2. Your artwork is so lovely, Katie! You make it look so easy as you have captured the realness of the flowers and the sweet bluebird of happiness you painted. Are you going to be selling them and making prints?
    I have been very slow creating dolls. My main thing to get done and organized was my craft room, and I am happy to say I have made lots of progress. I emptied twelve computer paper size boxes which had been storing a lot of my craft supplies. The supplies are now in plastic bins, with labels and I can see where things are.

    Anyway, it's always fun to come see what you and Daryle are creating.

    The moon photo is amazing!
    Teresa in California