Saturday, January 4, 2014

Those Folk Art "Roots" Surface Again!

This guy has been so much fun… rekindling my love of
folk art and all things simple!

His body, arms, legs, and head are cotton duck cloth…
with paper clay applied over the cloth for his nose, eye brows, ears, 
and upper lip.  He still needs a lower lip and a bit of a chin!
Next, I will base-coat this guy entirely and then
figure out what his top coat will be!

While the paper clay was still damp, I took a small piece of
the duck cloth and wet it… then gently pressed it into the damp
paper clay features, in an attempt to repeat the texture and blend
the seams between the cloth and the clay.


  1. Oh! I love the way he looks right now!! The cloth on the face fits right in and his facial expression is sweetie. I can't wait to see his future photos!!!

  2. Thank-you...for permission to just enjoy creating...without being hung up on what others expect...I find myself bound by what others want and I lose the pure JOY of creation...

  3. I love the texture on his face. Actually, I love the entire doll and your work. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Liking him a lot, like the tattered scarf and the fishing motif too.