Thursday, January 16, 2014

Head…to…Toes! (Uh, "Halo to Base")

From the top of his halo to the bottom of his base;
each of the angels of the shadow children are coming together.

It's kind of a funky, fun combination of paper maché, applied
papers, theater gauze with paper maché paste, hardware cloth,
black Gesso, and acrylic paints…  all mixed into a couple applications.

I even decided to apply some theater gauze on his head for hair!

And the base is a combination of stenciled checkerboard,
applied tissue papers and a coffee stained, computer generated
 image of a vintage skeleton key and the word "angel"…
This guy's two "brothers" are at the same point in production,
but have different colors applied to their bodies.


  1. Like seeing the process...Cheese cloth, I love it and the use of it as hair is a great idea. I use it all the time, love the look!! He is going to be sweet!

  2. So fabulous! I would love to add him to my collection of Angels!

  3. Very interesting, love the combination of materials, Daryle, and what a wonderful face.