Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saint Nick… a Thrift Store Find!

Katie and and I just returned from a week away…
up in Vermont with our kids, for Thanksgiving!
One of our favorite "stops" is the local hospital
thrift shop: "Neat Repeats!"

This past Tuesday, I found this hand-carved, primitive wooden
Saint Nick… just sitting on the floor waiting for me;
at the bargain price of $3.00 (he stands 15 inches high)
The "as is" note referring to his missing boot toes!
(click on the pic to enlarge and see the wonderful crackling!)

Nine years ago… I found this original, signed Netty LaCroix
doll at the same store, for around $5.00 a treasure for sure.
They make a handsome couple, don't they!

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  1. This is what I like about New can always find more dolls in that area than any other place. Great finds!