Friday, November 1, 2013

American Santos… the Angel of Rebirth!

DecoArt One-Step Crackle Medium… I love that stuff!
It helped me achieve that "crackle, crackle, chip, flaked"
look that I was going for!  Tsk! Tsk!

Detail of crackled hands and added wood roping on skirt.

I add wooden wings… which are hinged
and covered them with a faux canceled stamp paper.
Also… the vintage Victorian pin with a brass clock gear,
a brass clock gear halo… and some copper bead earrings.

Fini!  Thank you for joining me on the journey!  Daryle


  1. So great! I love the Joints and the craquele!

  2. She turned out beautifully, Daryle. Love the crackle, too.

  3. I too, am happy with the crackle results… "DecoArt" one step crackle medium is a sure thing, in my humble estimation! My thanks… for taking a peek! Daryle