Saturday, November 9, 2013

Angel of the Shadow Children

"Engel der Schatten Kinder"

I attended a three-week workshop with Virginia Fry on grief and loss in the lives of children and their families. In that workshop, she introduced us to the German term: “schatten kinder” which translated into English is: “shadow children.”  Virginia explained that Hospice care in Germany during the past ten years has recognized the often forgotten voice of the siblings of terminally ill children.  These children, young and old alike, often “fall into the shadows” during this time of grief and loss.

With that in mind, I am designing a series of three angels for the “schatten kinder” among us; their guardians, of sorts…   In the following ancient Hebrew text taken from Isaiah 49:15...  I am reminded that we, like they, are not forgotten, nor left in the shadows.  

“Can a woman forget her nursing child and have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you."

Inspired by the work of Russian artist Roman Shustrov…  I will be working with traditional paper machĂ© paste, strips of newspaper and brown craft paper applied to this Styrofoam and wire mesh armature.  I have also included in the design of this angel a reliquary space, in which I will hang either a rusted heart, or perhaps a vintage skeleton key.


  1. Ah, Daryle. This touches my heart. Thank you for sharing that particular scripture. It is one I have memorized in the past.

    1. Thank you for the affirmation Dixie… "standing on the promises!" Daryle

  2. This is a powerful idea for a work. I look forward to seeing more on it.

  3. Like this armature very much and I hope you have took photos of your progress with the paste and newspaper strips!! This process would be fun to see!