Thursday, September 6, 2012

We Have a Paper Clay Profile!

Just inching along on this guy...
he has a chin and (a rather stoic) mouth!
I decided to go in the direction of a little impish appeal
with the exaggerated nose and larger-than-life ears!
Truth is... I'm not convinced this is the head for this doll!
(Please... don't tell him that!)


  1. Well he is very charming....even if he has to jump to another body

  2. I love his exaggerated features...

  3. Your sculpture is always so whimsical and wonderful.

  4. Hey- I'm the girl who once made 7 doll heads before I could decide I had the right one so I know how you feel. As the Red Queen would say "Off with his head!" (Unless you decide you like it, of course!)