Friday, September 14, 2012

"Heads... You Win!"

After struggling with a head that looked too "impish"...
I designed a more "inner-child" head that seems to fit!
Also found a vintage porcelain faucet fixture at 
Carson's in the Cornfield salvage shoppe (Ephrata, PA)
which became his collar/upper body. It has the words:
"hot", "cold", "warm", and "off" printed on it...
His ARMS and HANDS???
I am working on a second set... 
(the first ended up in the trash bin!)


  1. Oh yeah, sometimes you just have to listen to that inner child because this is all good! Love the size of the head with the size of the feet. Are you sure you even need arms?

  2. You are so observant to see 'shoulders' from a faucet fixture. Its perfect. He's wonderful!

  3. Definitely another 'winner' Daryle. The 'hot' 'cold' etc. is so 'charming'. Lots of fun stuff on this doll!

  4. Oh, and now I see the porcelain fixture is from a bathtub. Sweet!!!

  5. I love your mixed media dolls. Partly because they're full of whimsy, and partly because I know how much fun you have putting them together!

  6. He looks fantastic! I love watching you put these lil' guys together. The fantasty just grows everytime I see them! Keep up the magic you two!