Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hands & Fingers... A Mini-Tutorial!

My approach to this newest doll's hands and fingers
was a bit different... Though I often use wire and masking tape;
the application of the wire is new.
I began by bending florist's paper stem wire (18 gauge)
in the basic shape of the palm of a hand,
and then extended the wire long enough 
to include the wrist and forearm.
Then, using a needle-nose pliers I bent lengths of
18 gauge craft wire in half; long enough to equal
the length of each finger.  
(I wanted short, stubby fingers for this doll)
Using Alleene's fast grab tacky glue.
I glued each finger to the florist's paper stem wire hands
and allowed them to dry overnight.
After the tacky glue was dry, 
I wrapped the palm of each hand and the wrists  
with masking tape.  The masking tape provides 
good surface for the paper clay to adhere to.
I decided to bend the fingers of his left hand,
in order to allow this doll to hold an object later.
I used my faithful little needle-nosed pliers again
to gently give the fingers some shape.
Next step will be... sculpt those little hands with paper clay!
I hope this was helpful... in some small measure!
Warm Wishes, Daryle


  1. Thank you for sharing this great tip Daryle! Have a great day, :~)

  2. Wonderful tutorial. You make it look easy and I know its not *smile*!!

  3. I love it when doll artist show techniques! Hands can be so challenging to create. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Very informational!!!fun to see the step by step process..

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your hands technique.

  6. Daryle, I am another who appreciates your sharing of this tutorial. The pictures are especially helpful ... confirming that I am a visual learner! The sketched arms are fun ... is that part of the character whose arms these will be?