Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bote des Herzens

I'm working on a new series of three angels:
"Messengers of the Heart" (German: Botes des Herzens)

I've had these three wood and wire mini-birdcages 
(literally) hanging around above my studio table for eight years...  
I began to work on several dolls for the annual 
Riverfront Renaissance Gallery show, which opens in November... 
These cages were destined to become (the unsuspecting) 
bodies of three little mixed-media angels!

I have based-coated them with flat black and plan on
dry brushing some "Grotto" chalk paint over them next.
Paper clay heads are in the plan...  I'm picturing disproportionate,
"boxy" little bodies with paper/wired wings and a rusty heart
strung inside each birdcage.
Perhaps they'll each become a reliquary for the safe-keeping
of tiny treasures or keepsakes.


  1. Oh boy -- can't wait to see them. My "Memory Keeper" greets me each day. I like to think he's saying "You will be making memories this day, make sure they are good ones". Thank you for all of your creations.

  2. This is going to me something special, even for you. :~)

    1. Hey you... I've been thinking on you; trusting that you're gaining each day! Thanks for the note Jan!