Monday, July 11, 2016

Our Gardens Greet Us... Upon Returning!

After nine days on the road... we returned home, to find our Datura 
already putting out early flowers and their unusual seed pods.  
Our time away with family and dear friends
was in a word: "Wonderful!"


  1. Fantastic!!! How marvelous to be greeted home by a blooming garden. I'm sure you made lots of memories during this past week.

    1. Yup... the gardens are just bursting with summer colors and textures!

  2. I look forward to a photo of the blooming flower. I'm not familiar with that plant. Happy to hear you had a great trip.

  3. It is also known as the "Moon Flower"... the blossom ( large, white "trumpet" shape) opens late in the day, towards evening and lasts for just that day. It is fragrant; very much like a traditional "Easter Lily." The scent fills our back patio area. at dusk.

  4. Sounds lovey, a moment of beauty. Enjoy.