Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday's Whimsy

This week's "whimsy" is a retro-walk down Memory Lane...
as I'm toying with the idea of creating a new satyr doll
for the ADQ challenge coming up in mid-June.

 This was my first "cloth over clay" doll, 
that I designed back in January of 2011...
based upon one of Aesop's fables.
I hope to start working on a new paper clay and
mohair version... soon!

(If I finish my spring gardening; as I have 
yards and yards of mulch to spread!)


  1. Whew!!! For a first effort you should be quite proud. He's absolutely wonderful!

    1. Thank you Penny... he was great fun! I ended up donating him to a Hospice Art Auction back in Vermont... he was well received and generated other doll inquiries.

  2. Is this a new doll or one you made a while back? I saw "retro-walk down memory lane" and got confused. That happens more than I'd like admit. Either way--he's fabulous!

    1. I finished him back in January of 2011...five years ago. Yikes! Really enjoyed your recent "Iris Virus" post... over-the-top beautiful colors and textures. Daryle

  3. I'm I understanding you that you have only been making dolls for 5 years? The face and details on this one are awesome. Linda