Thursday, May 12, 2016

Between the Showers... Some Photos!

I slipped outside early this evening with my camera, 
these photos are untouched, other than resizing...

Astilbe... emerging after days of (much needed) rain...

Star-of-Bethlehem... a bit of a nuisance 
because it pops up everywhere, every spring!
But lovely just the same...

 Violet Columbine... planted last season; after picking
them up in Lancaster County at an Amish roadside stand.
These are first year blossoms!

This charming Columbine was brought down from Vermont
ten years ago... and has settled happily on the 
northeast side of our home.


  1. Isn't this just the most beautiful time of the year? I love Columbine. Ours are more purple. I always make time in the Spring to look for the really small 'stuff' that might get lost in the massive flowering shrub plants that we have. Its a treat!

  2. Beautiful shots Daryle with beautiful flora to match!
    The only one I haven't heard of is the Astilbe but I'm liking the colours a lot! :)