Friday, November 20, 2015

Triple Play!

These guys are real "cut-ups" and hams...
when the camera comes out!
After "softening" some of the coffee-stained Osnaburg;
(with a little warm water)
these three boys have "lightened-up" a little.

This guy is just too funny! 
(I'm affectionately calling him my "fallen angel")

Perhaps some single, sparse strands of black
thread need to finish off the top of his head?

This guy...
has just wiggled his way into my heart.

(I've affectionately named him "cone head")

And WHO do we have here?
"All in good funnel!" (get it?)

He kinda grows on you...

Next step: Find some suitable fabric and "dress-'em up" a little.

Thank you for stopping by... Where has this week gone?


  1. It still amazes me how you do all these. So different and unique. I still have the one I won and she sits on my bed.

  2. My favorite is Funnel - he's got a big heart!!

  3. They are all adorable Daryle, personality plus! Deb xo

    1. Deb... I inadvertently sent our daughter a text message referring to them as ugly "fools" (meaning to type "dolls"... ) They are, in an odd way, somewhat "adorable"! Thank you for the note! Daryle

  4. Loving the techniques you're using with these little guys Daryle. So inventive. :)