Friday, November 13, 2015

Coffee-Stained... Shenanigans!

Just as I suspected...  give these guys
a "coffee-stain bath"... and their personalities just "pop!"
("rusty hearts"... I'm thinking a must!)

per·son·al·i·ty   ˌpərsəˈnalədē    noun
"the combination of characteristics or qualities 
that form an individual's distinctive character."

peculiarity = "endearing" (in this case)

So, I coffee-stained these guys, 
added a healthy heap of cinnamon to the mix
and popped them in the oven for thirty minutes...
rinsed part of the coffee-stain off 
and put them back in the oven until "done..."

Oh... I added paper clay lips too... the low-heat oven
dried the paper clay along with the coffee-stain.

Face-Painting is next!  
Thank you for taking a peek! Daryle


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Dixie... how wonderful to hear from you! I'm having fun; but missing the "ning" fellowship! Daryle

  2. They are cute already :o) I've never had any luck with coffee staining, just tea.... and the only time I tried to dry a doll in the oven it caught light!!!

    1. Yve... I have always preferred coffee-stain over tea. I often "dry" my stained fabric in a low-temp oven or a low-setting microwave; it gives such a rich, time-worn look to the fabric. Daryle P.S. I too have ever had my fabric begin to smolder!

  3. I adore these little guys. Yes, they DO have personality. I especially love the look that their hats give them.

    1. Penny... they have been so much fun to work on. My life is far too busy these days; so finding an hour or two to be at my table in our workroom has been a lifesaver! Daryle

  4. Oh yes! Endearingly characterful. Loving them much!

  5. Daryle, they are amazing, can't wait to watch them 'become '!Deb xo

    1. Deb... thank you, thank you for stopping by and leaving a note! Daryle