Friday, February 6, 2015

"Right Church...Wrong Pew" in ADQ!

The newest issue of Art Doll Quarterly (spring 2015) 
features some incredible art dolls by artists like:
Ankie Daaken
Jaquiline Hurlbert
Cindee Moyer
Tatjana Raum

And there on page 114...
you'll find "Right Church... Wrong Pew!"

He is made using:
paper clay, paper maché and assorted mulberry papers.
This little guy was my "anthropomorphic challenge" doll
who found his way to the "Show & Tell" section in this issue.

I'd say he looks like he's headed to Mardi Gras!
Thanks for taking a peek! 


  1. Love his expression. Lots of talent in that magazine.

  2. I absolutely love this doll and really many of your dolls. I would like to ask you a question but your email button does not work for me. My email is I would appreciate you emailing me your email to ask a question

  3. I adore this 'faux' bird doll, Daryle. The shading of the colors, the beak mask, the sculptured hair. Totally fantastic! One of your most outstanding creations for sure!

  4. And I guess, like most of us who are on 'the trodden path' got the message from Jane, she will be closing 'shop' for that ning site. I will miss the kindred spirit connection, as some of us were in the original 'Cloth and Clay Doll Workshop' since its inception in the fall of 2008. It was a grand experience being with so many doll makers to create with. I learned so many creative ideas from Jane.
    Take care!
    Teresa in California

  5. I like this little guy so very much. The painting is wonderful.