Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saint Nick...Two-By-Two!

This forlorn fellow is one-of-two Saint Nicholas dolls headed 
for the "Artful Giving" Show in Millville... to help ring-in a bit of
Christmas cheer!  (Sad-Sack... huh?)

Well... this guy will win-over their hearts...
Though the truth is... I'm loving his forlorn counterpart!

These two are paper clay over cloth, a repurposed vintage wool blanket
became their coats and hoods, with fabric remnants on the hoods.
Distressed wooden legs and a wooden base seemed to work.

I did mention to Katie that he reminds me a little bit of...
(are you ready for this?)
Boris Karloff!  
Blessings to you and yours in this Advent season!


  1. They are wonderful - even though they both look like they could use a little holiday cheer *smile*. Perhaps they are tired just thinking about all those chimneys they'll have to get down come Dec. 24th.

  2. These are wonderful, I especially love the faces. Happy holidays to you.