Saturday, November 15, 2014

Reliquary Shrine Doll for ADQ Challenge!

I can hardly believe that it has been over a month since
I have found my way here... to post!  Shame on me!
Life has a way... of distracting us at times; wouldn't you say?

I have been working this past week on a new mixed-media doll
for the Art Doll Quarterly challenge: "Black & White"

In a word (actually two): Emily Dickinson

This W.I.P. has been inspired and coaxed along 
for about a half-of-century of admiration, 
reading, researching, and even a little "sleuth-stalking"...
 when visiting Amherst, Massachusetts  years ago! 

 The "body" of this mixed-media doll will house some memorabilia                that relates to Emily Dickinson and her work... 

The "house" will eventually be covered with some of her public domain 
poems and pieces of decorative tissue and handmade papers.

Her head is a photo transfer on bleached Osnaburg fabric
(my attempt to keep it "black and white").
Using charcoal pencils and acrylic paint, I have added brush strokes
to the image and fabric, for some added interest.

I hope to post more pics... soon. (wink!)

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  1. Very appropriate with the world in which Emily lived. It's looking fantastic!