Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Day at the Wheaton Arts Festival

Stroll with us on this glorious South Jersey afternoon,
as we share some highlights from the festival...
at Wheaton Arts in Millville:

From this delicately, detailed carved wren... (Tom Ahern)
To the whimsical work of fall gourds fashioned into birds. (KuKu)

(see who won my heart over...)

From delightful Fimo tree frogs and "friends"... (Small Wonder)
To owls captured in a photographer's lens. (Andy Smith)

From woven basketry, detailing nature's best... (Samuel Yao)
To woven ash that is as traditional as the festival. (Mary May)

From contemporary mixed-media... (Daryl Harwood)
To just plain... contemplative! (Daryl Harwood)

It was a festival... a feast... for the eyes and soul!

Oh... and did we mention "food"???
There's nothing like a chili-dog... on a cool October day!

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