Friday, July 4, 2014

Window to My Heart!

No parades for us...
I haven't touched (or cleaned) my work table in over a month...Ugh!
So... after sorting, filing, tossing and cleaning;
I had some fun working on my newest angel.
I decided to cut out a "window" and flip the book box
on its side!  (this opens the "body" so you can look inside!)
I'm thinking this will be the prefect spot for a rusty heart to hang!
Next... cover that fabric head with paper clay,
paint the wood finial legs and beads which extend the drawer pulls,
and then cut out the wee wooden wings and attach them!
Thank you for taking a peek!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! What a great idea. Your creativity is a constant source of inspiration - and joy to me (and to many others). What a good use of the 'book' you've made.

  2. Good a.m. Penny! Thank you for the encouraging words... you're a blessing. Daryle