Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Kindred Spirit...Emerges!

I just knew there was a "kindred spirit" in that lump of paper clay
over cloth... it just took him a few days to emerge!
I'm crazy happy about the Tim Holtz stencil that I used on 
the body book cover; it is called: "burlap"

I need to attach these wood finial legs, paint his head...
and I'm planning on adding seven little rusty stars around his head!
(I'm thinking he just may need a "special delivery" vintage 
postage stamp on his belly too)  Hmmmmm!


  1. Daryle, this is turning into quite the whimsical character.

  2. Love him already!! That's an interesting burlap stencil - I hadn't seen that. Isn't it wonderful when it all comes together!