Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Story Begins... The Long Forgotten Folk of Nonesuch Creek!

Not far from Woodstown Whimsies… lies a place called Nonesuch Creek.  Our story begins there on a damp, drear morning in late, late April… the 30th to be exact!  The wind was driving the rain like a puppet-master; the emerging spring leaves were dancing without restraint, stately trillium bowed their crimson and white heads while the barely-visible fiddlehead fronds of the bracken fern quaked at the clap of thunder.  

Mud underfoot as she trudged alone in the shadows of the swamp maples, one of the Stanton sisters emerged.  Etta stood shivering in the rain (soaked like a wet muskrat) along the banks of the now overflowing creek.

The youngest Stanton sibling, Woodruff… waited patiently for his sister to get into his little red boat.  The murky waters continued to rise; Woodruff remained steadfast. He had been gathering acorns; leftovers found underneath the decaying leaves of the Great Oak (few would have even ventured there).

Young Woodruff delighted in his boat-load of treasures! The rain persisted as they pushed off from the shoreline, unsure as to where the current might take them.


  1. Oh my, I can hardly wait to see what happens to these two. Continue on story teller...

    1. Penny... thank you for the (very) encouraging post. This is a new "arena" for me: weaving a story while creating some character art dolls!
      Way too much fun... far too little time!

    2. Don't stop now -- its lovely!! Your photography is wonderful also. Who knows someday when you have enough you might even have a book of stories.

  2. I'm so delighted to find your blog. These little characters in your story vignette remind me of Alexander Jansson's illustrations. I look forward to visiting regularly!

  3. Kimberly... Thank you for stopping by and posting a note! The "story" of these long lost folks has moved to its own blog... I hope you will stop by. Daryle