Monday, May 12, 2014

Mum's Day Weekend...

Mother's Day weekend has come... and gone!
It was perfect weather here in South Jersey for 
getting some annuals in the gardens.
This garden container was our "find" from last weekend...
we picked it up at a neighborhood yard-sale for $1
and then filled it with Chocolate Mint, Sage and Lobelia.

The colors on all of today's  pics are untouched...
the only tweaking done was for photo size and cropping.

Bethlehem Star...  prolific and naturalized in our area.

Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine and more Lobelia...
for our sun-to-shade backyard patio garden!

I told myself (and Katie) that I wasn't going to put
Hyacinth Bean in the flower gardens this year... Hmmmm!

This is our fourth or fifth year enjoying the Japanese Fern on
the northwest side garden... late day sun seems to agree with it.

The berm that runs along our backyard is covered with
Ivy and Vinca-minor... it has been blooming for weeks.

The Wood Violets are enjoying a "bumper-crop" year          
here in South Jersey... naturalized and thriving.

Katie found a suet-hanger that just begged to be
filled with Hen-and-Chicks!

Again... untouched colors on this "Picasso" Petunia...
breathtaking beautiful!
(notice the lime green fringe border on the blossom)

Yup... it is just that "hot", it is called Cherry Hula and hangs
in a basket along with the Petunia... Wow!
Ahhhh.. almost time to sit back and enjoy the gardens
("Oh, the mulch, Daryle... spread the mulch!")


  1. Enjoy your lovely garden and SPRING! We're already headed into summer down here, but it all comes around when it's supposed to, doesn't it?

  2. Jan... I have been enjoying your garden posts too... the Iris varieties you have are astounding.