Sunday, February 16, 2014

Medieval Mystery Maiden… a New Challenge!

I've just started working on the Art Doll Quarterly
newest challenge: a historical medieval figure.
I'm keeping my figure cloaked in a bit of mystery for a while…
dropping subtle clues, during the creative process.
Here she is (first clue: "she") with an Osnaburg and fiberfill
body armature, 12 gauge coated wire legs, and articulated arms.
Her head and hands are paper clay.

Fitting this fine lady with a historically correct 12th century 
(second clue) wardrobe is going to prove "challenging" at best!
I dislike sewing "doll clothes" more than you can begin to imagine!
Next… the sleeves, a "wimple" and "Gorget" (head-coverings)
and a pair of medieval shoes (first I need to sculpt her feet!)
Thank you for stopping by… have a wonderful new week! Daryle


  1. And will you call her Eleanor? One of my all time favorite people of history. ;~)

  2. Love her profile!!! The dress right now, I love!! With all the additions you going to add Its only going to get more lovely!!! I love the art from this period so this challenge is going to be FUN!! Keep up the great progress!!

  3. I am so glad to catch up with you two again and to preview this lovely lady. Can't wait to see her in her final regalia. Which issue will it be published in?
    all the best
    Trish Stover

  4. She is so beautiful Daryle, you have captured her elegance. Fantastic work.