Thursday, February 27, 2014

Medieval Maiden… Meet the Senior Saint!

My "Medieval Mystery Maiden"… 
The rich legacy she has left us was historically much later in her life
than my doll was depicting, and so with that in mind I have 
redesigned her… fifty years older!
Trying to capture her gracious, godly nature with those bright eyes
and that broad smile…  I have also added in the lower pic some
of the "props" which will eventually help to identify her, including:
one of the manuscripts she wrote and illustrated, the herb
drying stand that she made use of (with her little bluebird companion),
A sheet of music she composed, and some amber bottles  of her likening. 
Her upper arms are articulated and move, her lower arms
are wired and can be posed, and her head can turn.
Next:  Base-coat her paper clay head, hands and neck with
raw umber; then design her dress. I'm hoping to work
in both paper maché and fabric for the clothing.


  1. Would they perhaps have called her "Hildie" for short? ;~) She's one of my favorite historical herbalists!

    1. Jan… you sure could, if you included the prefix "Sister" or "Saint"… Kudos! Daryle

    2. Love her jovial expression!