Saturday, May 11, 2013

Santos Cage Doll Tutorial on Flickr

I've just put together a tutorial for making
this wooden cage doll skirt...
You can find the free tutorial on my Flickr page...

Here is the link to the tutorial:

Here are a few "teaser" pics from the tutorial...
Enjoy... and please let me kow what you think!
Blessings, Daryle


  1. Thanks Daryle, so nice of you to offer, Now I just have to gather supplies when Im ready!
    hugs from Marilou

  2. Just looked at your tutorial and I think you did a great job on showing each step. Now, I won't have glue and clamps everywhere. Hehe! Your steps made it a little easier to get together!! Thanks!

  3. Daryle..this is fantastic. Wonderful job. I am in the process of taking a Santo's Doll class, it just began this morning actually, happy to have found this tutorial!!! I love it!!

    :)Have a great day.