Friday, May 17, 2013

Blue Flag Iris...Breathtakingly Beautiful!

I couldn't stay out of the garden Jan Conwell...
taking these three pics this evening, just as the sun was
dropping behind our neighbor's towering dawn redwood.
All is well...


  1. Iris are my favorites. We tend to favor the German bearded ones here because of our crazy heat and drought, but that blue flag might just talk me into trying a few (carefully tended) water-babies like this!

    There are actually some white Siberians at the back of our new yard under a wild pecan tree...they seem to be thriving, so maybe I can move them (pecan tree has to go) to a shady bit and see what happens. I'd send you some if you want. We trade plants on Dave's Garden all the time. Cheers!

  2. Your photography is as impressive as the flower itself. Beautiful indeed!