Thursday, February 23, 2012

W.I.P. The Brownie Twins!

These two guys have been such a delight to work on!
Their heads and hands will need a base coat
and then I will tackle the painting.
I brushed some "temporary" eyes on their faces
just to give some sense of personality.
(I love Frutti's gently titled head)
My favorite quote from one of the books in the series is
"'Tis true, mistakes will sometimes crawl into the handiwork of all!"
(how true is that!)
-The Brownies' Quilting Bee   by Palmer Cox

Did you notice (from early posts)?  Frutti is now Tutti and visa versa.  
Palmer Cox rarely added beards to his whimsical drawings
of the Brownie clan... the exception was Tutti!
After looking at a variety of "beard" materials: 
mohair, Tibetan lamb hair, and some local sheep's wool; 
I decided to simply sculpt his beard with paper clay!

Buttons need to be added to the waistcoats
(made from a repurposed wool blanket that I hand-dyed)
The under-blouse/shirt is made with ruched, polished cotton
that Katie and I found at a resale shop in Lancaster.
And hands... Ugh!  They need hands!

Enjoy this day... Daryle


  1. I like the reversal of the wine/green on their clothes. :~) And Tutti's beard is great! Always makes me smile to see a beard with no mustache...the Hutterites in Montana used to wear it that way.

  2. These two are delightful. I love that you've decided to sculpt Tutti's beard, it suits him.

  3. What an utter joy Tutti and Fruiti are... You are a truely amazing doll maker.... Amazing!