Saturday, February 18, 2012

ADQ Book Character Challenge!

I am working on two dolls for the Art Doll Quarterly
Book Character Challenge... coming up in a few months.
I have decided to create the Brownie Twins, 
from Palmer Cox's book series: Tutti and Frutti 
The body armature is made with deer suede, stuffed with fiber-fill.
The heads are sculpted with paper clay and then I added some
hardwood buttons that I found in my shop, for the eyes.
I need to add a bit more paper clay around the eyes... 
then begin to work on their hands and clothes. Ugh!
They are about 17 inches tall, self-standing on wooden dowel legs
and hardboard feet.
Yes... they make me smile!
Thanks so much for stopping by... Daryle


  1. Wow, Daryle, these guys are so great. The similarity in their faces makes the little differences soooo perfect.

  2. Oh for joy...they make me smile already, too...I can't wait to see them finished...but I guess I have to!

  3. Replies
    1. Daryle these two are handsome little story book critters. Cant wait to see them finshed.

  4. simply charming. can't wait to see them completed!

  5. Great start on the twins. Can't wait to see them finished.