Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Doll... a Healing Doll!

Several days ago I began working on a new doll...
my attempt to to work-through some of my journey, 
as I began phase one of my cancer treatment two weeks ago.
The head is sculpted paper clay over a styrofoam ball 
with inset 16 mm flat paperweight brown eyes.
His hands are paper clay as well.
Both the upper arms and (four) legs are wooden turnings.
The outer body box is a yard sale find... the real treasure 
is the inner wooden box! A vintage, grooved slide top 
wooden box with the word "fragile" stamped on it.

This was a gift from a dear friend several months ago, 
who lives in Virginia.  She had filled it with small objects
that I hope to one day incorporate in a new assemblage.
Over the course of the next few months, I anticipate "filling"
this very special box (the heart of this doll) with items that,
 will not doubt, reflect part of my journey!  The rusty heart
 and the square head nails all speak for themselves.

As a w.i.p. I will base coat the wooden turnings in black
and probably base coat the head and hands with black gesso.
The broken, chipped, and worn wings capture the sentiment
that I will put on a coffee stained hang tag:
“But for you who fear My name, the Sun of Righteousness 
will rise with healing in His wings.”  -Malachi 4:2a

My heartfelt thanks to each one who has posted a
note of encouragement or a word of concern over the
past several months...   Warmest Wishes, Daryle 


  1. This is really fantastic! Not only is the doll great, but I love your idea of filling it with special momentos or prayers along your journey. Many blessings to you and lots of good vibes as you face the storm. When I have faced tough times and fears, I remember this: F.E.A.R = False Expectations Appearing Real. Peace

  2. The doll is wonderful, the concept and idea behind it even better. Good to hear from you again, and to know that you're using your creativity as one of your healing tools.

  3. I'm thinking of you and Katie often, Daryle, and sending my hopes and good thoughts your way.

  4. Hello Daryle and Katie, I've been visiting your blog and reading some of your old posts. I decided to look for more posts about my Hope angel. I was delighted to see this post. I will print a copy of the post and add it to the box along with our emails. I want the story and history to remain with the angel. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. Joyous Wishes, Linda