Friday, January 27, 2012

A Broken Wing... But Flying!

In a moment of inspiration, I decided to snap one side of
the wings in two.  And then hastily repair it... 
with a wooden "splint" and (eventually) some laced twine!
The head and hands have a generous base-coat of black
that I will begin to work over in the next few days.
I'm not sure about my color choices for the wood turnings.
My healing process?
I had a chemo-injection on Tuesday... a higher dosage 
than I expected, but with fewer anticipated side-effects.
Now I wait... and let it do its job!
Warm Wishes, Daryle 
(quite literally as it may reach 60 here in South Jersey today!)


  1. I know you still have changes yet to make on this doll, but I love the dark face and hands. Such wonderful contrast to the rest. And flying with a patched up wing? We've all been there, I think. Very eloquent.

  2. The expression says it all. Looks like "I give it all to you Lord" Even the hands have a great expression.
    Warm Wishes right back to you....

  3. I have had several friends walk through this "valley of the shadow of death"...FEAR NO is a bothersome inconvenience, to say the least. I am sure you are lifted daily in prayer and by the love of your friends and family...but still...not something anyone wants to walk through. I love your work, always. And I am praying for your restoration to perfect health so you can continue your sojourn here doing the things you were created to do...

  4. I like the new header photo. It speaks volumes to this part of your journey.