Monday, February 21, 2011

"The Guardian of Hope!"

In the still of the night
on the far side of the slope...
shrouded by the darkness
stands the Guardian of Hope...
Waiting in the shadows
watching and seeing all...
cloaked in autumnal splendor
not a single nest can fall...

I have finished all of the details
(including the addition of this original poem)
on this gourd doll... for the 
Art Doll Quarterly Gourd Doll Challenge.
She will be mailed off to California on Tuesday!
The poem is my feeble attempt to help "explain" 
the whole idea of this guardian, the nest, 
and of course:  "hope!"
Her head is a photo transfer on fabric
with a bit of paper clay underneath the nose 
to give her face a little depth and dimension. 
(she looks like my grandma!)
Enjoy... Daryle


  1. ~Daryle~
    Your Guardian of Hope is absolutely beautiful~she offers a wonderful feeling of comfort~just like my granny did.~
    Your poem is very dear~& I can see where she lives, through your poem.~I do believe in guardian angels~

  2. Daryle there are no words, this is outstanding! The poem is perfect and she is aptly named for a feeling of hope was what I felt when I looked at her! Just beautiful!
    Tina xo

  3. Absolutely marvelous!! I love every single about her and your poem is very, very special. If only each of us could be a 'guardian of hope'!

  4. What a lovely doll! I love the poem and tiny bird!

  5. I know I am late, but I was so happy to see you in Art Dolls Only. I was so busy these past few months with Christmas then OWOH. But, I didn't want anymore time to go by without telling you how happy I am for you being published. It is so deserved. I love you and your work.

  6. Your Guardian of Hope doll is wonderful. Her face is delightful. Such a sweet expression....just like a dear Grandmother should have.