Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gourd Doll Challenge!

Art Doll Quarterly will be publishing the Gourd Challenge Dolls in their Fall 2011 issue... I am hoping to finish "The Guardian of Hope" in time for the entry deadline (coming up quick!)
"The Guardian of Hope" is made from a photo transfer on cotton knit fabric, using a vintage photograph from my stash of long forgotten souls!  I stretched the fabric over a basic paper clay form that I built up, intentionally trying to form the "smile lines" on either side of her mouth. Then I hand colored the details.  Her paper clay hands STILL need to be painted and distressed.  She looks like she's wearing white gloves at the moment! Tsk, Tsk!
Her body is a "birdhouse" gourd that is hollowed out, cleaned, and then I layered it (the inside) with paper-toweling using a white glue & water mixture for added texture. I still need to add a wash of color to the inside...
The outside of the gourd is covered with a paper napkin, using the same white glue & water mixture.  The natural finish of the gourd shows through the translucent single-ply napkin nicely.  I cut the little bird from a piece of pine, added wooden dowel legs, and placed him on the wire & wood perch.  



  1. Daryle your talent just keeps me dazed and amazed. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Wow...the overall work is wonderfully unique but I am always charmed by the little unexpected details you stick in your is a little treasure hunt...I love the blue ribbon...I am certain we will see this again in ADQ

  3. She looks like a "cover doll" to me! Beautiful!
    ~ Susan

  4. You have such a creative imagination! Each new doll is an inspiration!