Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wisteria... Wonderful Wisteria!

The first time that I saw wisteria growing, it was climbing over old, abandoned textile mills outside of Boston.  Here in South Jersey, it is found along our roadsides, hanging over garden arbors and up in the trees.  This photo was taken just off North Main Street, here in Woodstown... along a lovely old iron fence. 


  1. Lovely photos, great new look, and fab header! thanks for the heads up on the header/banner thing via cloth and clay - I'm ganna give it a go :O)

  2. beautiful wisteria...we have it blooming here too! Got the message about your new look... I think your banner is sweet and I LOVE the font you used...Hugs, Mica

  3. Gorgeous!!!! I love wisteria.

    :)Doreen blog is back :)

  4. Love the wisteria--conjures up all kinds of memories for me.

    And I love your dolls!