Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ah, Spring... Glorious Spring!

We have been enjoying lovely weather, 
here in Woodstown.  
And Spring, in all its glory, has arrived... 
the Dogwood is in bloom!  
Enjoy... Daryle and Katie


  1. Daryle and Katie- I was looking at my issue of Prims last night, and imagine how surprised I was to find out that you live in Woodstown- me too! Small world! My family has lived here about 10 years, although I grew up in neighboring Cumberland County. Welcome!
    Spring is really lovely, our dogwood is blooming too. It is my favorite time of year...
    I am a designer in the quilt and fabric industry. If you'd like, you can stop by my blog, Who knows, maybe we'll meet up at Beans sometime??

  2. Beautiful! I am so glad spring has arrived. We just moved to KY this last December from Alaska and I am not used to spring this early. It snowed again up there and the snow will not be fully melted until the end of May. I bought the Prims magazine just to check out everyone's dolls. Congrats on yours. :)