Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Reliquary... Revealed!

The drawer has been primed, and then layered with hand-torn 
strips of paper toweling; applied with paper maché paste.
A coat of Gesso too!  My plan is to add some text over the
box and perhaps some images as well.

The chrysalis will eventually hang from the natural branch 
by a rusty wire "cage" which is shaped to its contours.

My little "butterfly boy" still need a body form to insert
in the chrysalis... and an arm and hand holding onto
the torn open side (of what has been his home)!

Thanks for stopping by... Daryle 


  1. He's WONDERFUL!!! I can't wait to see him completed and peering out at this beautiful world!

  2. I'm so intrigued. Thanks for sharing your process. I'm happy to know that I'm okay with my slow process of adding elements and then waiting for a period of time until something gels. I have a few heads started. lol