Saturday, February 18, 2017

The New Reliquary... Revisited!

I really have been working on this new reliquary doll!
Preoccupied with the idea of "transitions" and "rebirth"...
a chrysalis keeps coming to mind.

What better way to create a "chrysalis form" than our
old school-days favorite: paper maché over a balloon!
I decided to use mulberry papers, for added texture and interest
along with pieces of theatre gauze.

Dried... and a day later: a chrysalis!

I sculpted a paper clay head and have base-coated it
with soft black...

Found this very interesting "thing" today...
at the Cow-Town Farmer's Market, here in Woodstown.
The vender said he found it in his Cedarville, NJ barn (circa 1840)
and had absolutely no idea what it was used for.
(He was asking $4 for it... I offered $2 and came home with it)

I just knew it would fit perfectly in the contoured side tray
of the desk drawer reliquary... and it does! 

So... now my doll "in transition" needs a little body!
Thanks for stopping by... Daryle


  1. The thing you found is used in a cone-shaped colander to make jellies out of fruit like blackberries. You press and push around the inside of the colander and the juice flows out and the skin and seeds stay inside. Kind of like the pressing God does to us :)

    1. You made my day! See my newest post (from today, Feb. 20th) and the pic that I found after you suggested the "thing" was actually a masher!

  2. I thought it was a thing to make a hole in the ground to plant seeds. Love watching this work progress--and looking forward to seeing the finish!

    1. Nice try Jan... Had I not incorporated it into this reliquary doll box, that is probably what I WOULD HAVE used it for! It's the first place our gardening heads go...

  3. You always intrigue me with your creations. That carrot looking object looks like an old garden bulb planter or for digging up endive and dandelions.

    1. Linda... I had second thoughts about holding onto it for that very purpose: poking around in my gardens! Thank you for stopping by; and it's so good seeing you post again on your blog!