Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter's Hold... A Light Touch!

While picking up fallen branches and trimming back rose bushes,
I couldn't help but notice some "stirrings" in our flower gardens!

Daffodils encroaching upon the ground ivy...

Lenten Rose revealing its new growth...

and even some of our Sedum was found...
sunning itself in the late morning light.

Winter's hold... it seems to be a light touch; for the moment!


  1. Oh my!! We had snow last week and really, really low temps so everything is still very dormant. These days I take pleasure in the dried petals of the oak leaf hydrangeas.

    1. Friends down the road have an oak leaf hydrangea... it is spectacular in the late summer and early fall.

  2. I want daffodils! Someday we won't live in the desert anymore. Until then, I'll live vicariously through your garden.

    1. Ha! Our weather over the past ten days has been so unpredictable here; the poor perennials have no idea what to do: pop up or stay dormant?