Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Companions Are Back!

These three have been sitting far too long
on my worktable...waiting!
So... today I began to give each one of them several
color washes and layers of acrylic paint.

Boo-Hoo... these poor chaps are STILL held together 
with nothing more than pins and pieces of masking tape!

This guy has just wiggled his way into my heart!

And I'm really excited about the transparent wings 
Yes... They look very natural!
I will be posting a "How-To" one of these Wednesdays.
(No insects were harmed in the production of these wings!)

OK... the truth is... this guy really wiggled his way into my heart!
Lamb's wool hair from a local sheep farm, here in Woodstown.

He looks so much like our oldest grandson!
(Who by the way, just started wearing glasses!)

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek!  Daryle


  1. They are all three adorable - and as always very lovable. I say hello to my very own "Memory Keeper" each morning. The wings you've created are really wonderful -- can't wait to see how you developed them (without harming a passing by insect). Lovely post!

    1. Penny... I'm just so glad the "Memory Keeper" keeps a smile on your face!

  2. They're so bright and full of detail! I wonder what they talk about amongst themselves.

    1. No doubt... their conversation goes something like this: "Ouch! Will he EVER remove these quilting pins from our little sleeves? And how does he EVER expect us to fly; if our wings are hanging on by only a snippet of masking tape?"