Thursday, December 31, 2015

Forlorn... Gets a Face! (sort of)

I spent a few hours at my worktable this morning...
(alongside Katie, who has been working on
some delightful watercolor cards!)
"Forlorn" finally has a top coat on his head, hands,
upper body and legs... Now the real fun begins!

I'm thinking: vintage music on his wings with an
application of gilded mica fragments to give them a little "pop!"
Perhaps I will cover his arms and chest with decorative
tissue papers applied with white glue?

Still haven't decided on whether or not he will have "hair"... painted.
And should he be wearing a vintage funnel, the over-sized folded 
paper hat, or this vintage button and rusty wire wreath?

His eyes will tell his story! (charcoal pencil is a must...)
Ringing in the New... Daryle


  1. He's come on so well Daryle! You've created a beautiful boy with a wonderful little face.
    Perhaps some painted hair would look lovely but I'm loving the wreath you've made for him. Perfect!
    Look forward to his charcoal eyes. :)