Saturday, October 31, 2015

No "Tricks"... Only "Treats!"

I am feeling "ghoulishly guilty"...
for posting too little, to late!

No New Dolls... No Give-Aways... No News...

"Boo Hoo!"   No Nothing! 

So to make things "right"... 
on this "Halloween" night:
We will have three (3) Give-Aways in November!

Hope you'll stop back soon to see exactly what "treats"
we come up with!

Blessings, as always... Daryle & Katie


  1. I've been thinking about you - hoping all was well and that you've just been toooo busy enjoying this beautiful fall to stop and blog *smile*. Welcome back!

    1. Penny... thank you for your post. In all of life's busy twists and turns, I hope to be more faithful in "Bloggerville" (wink!)

  2. Lol! It's not always easy to fit everything in that we think needs doing Daryle! I know all about it all so well. So no need for guilt, just nice to hear from you!
    I'm a wee bit late, but hope you both had a wonderfully boo hoo'd Halloween! x

    1. Pam... I am hoping to "get inspired" and begin working on some recently started but never completed dolls! I just heard the other day from a gallery manager here in South Jersey about their annual pre-Christmas show; I hope to have a few pieces to take down next week!

  3. Time alway goes to fast .It seem to me I have not anything to write about lately.
    I just do not feel creative lately,that is why I stared to blog to post is my projects. Have done a few things .Hope you look and leave a comment. I do want to back to paper clay looking at your things hope it gives me a kick

    1. Laura... I too am in that creative "slump" it seems; we will try to pull each other out of it!