Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June and July... Give-Aways!

July has come... and will all-too-quickly be gone!
We've been away for a week; visiting
Lancaster County and then Vermont...
We also had our grandsons, both daughters (and wonder-dog Stella)
with us back in mid-July... catching fireflies in the evening
and taking none-stop day trips all week long!
We're home... for a while! 

Well... as promised, this month we are posting two-give-aways:
One for June and one for July!

Here is the June Give-Away... 
a stash of vintage photos,
some rusty old keys, stamps, craft tags, and
other fun embellishments for your use!

Here is the July Give-Away...
a vintage book, some old keys, craft tags,
ivory game board pieces, a vintage
little leather book, a small cigar box, and other
fun embellishments!

Please leave a note on this post... if you wish to be in the drawing.
(if you have a preference: June or July Give-Away... so note it!)

Well Wishes and Blessings... Daryle & Katie


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer Daryle, time with family is always time well spent! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful giveaway or giveaways I guess I should say :O) Both are wonderful and I'd be thrilled to be the lucky winner of either one. Thanks again and hope you continue to chase fireflies for the rest of the summer, have fun! Deb

    1. Deb... Our firefly catching days seem to be coming to a close, with the hot dog-days of August approaching! But the cicada are in fine form this year, singing their hearts out up in our maple and ash trees! Our grandsons come back next week for our County Fair and I'm sure we'll find time to search for the illusive cicada!

  2. Both months are very nice vintage goodies. I would be pleased with either one and I am sure the lucky winner will as well. Glad you had a few days of fun.Everone need space sometime.

    1. LV... your name will be in the drawing! Our summer is going by too quickly... how can August be around the corner?

  3. Such a lovely way to spend some of your summer Daryle, and how wonderful to be able to catch fireflies. Sounds like faerie land indeed! I hadn't thought we had them here, but after just asking Mr Google it appears we do! Might have to add it to my 'to-do' list. :)

    and what very generous and wonderful giveaways. A mixed media artists joy! I love them both, but as I should pick one, it is July. Thank you so much. ♥

    1. Hi Pam! We took our grandsons on a day trip to Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA a week ago and there is an entire wooded area with pixie and faerie villages and homes... they were delighted (so were we!) Our grandsons (ages 3 and 6) wanted to catch fireflies every night they were with us! (and we did...) May the July drawing be kind to you!

  4. Your summer sounds just wonderful!! Such a blessing to be with family, especially the young ones. I would love to enter this drawing, the pictures look very intriguing.

  5. Wonderful treasures. I specially like the old keys and the cigar boxes. And , although they are not included in these sets , I take the opportunity to also recognize your great ability to find those beautiful metal funnels with you dress your dolls!

  6. Thank you ever so much! Can't wait to see what I can do with your trinkets.