Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unfinished Business... Our April Give-Away!

Unfinished Business... we all have it!
It whispers to us from time to time,  
or we catch a glimpse of it in the shadowlands 
sitting on the shelves of our lives.

Some of my "unfinished business" is looking for a new home!
This mixed-media doll is ready to "become"...

From the top of his head, to his wooden box body... 
to his vintage infant shoes;
he is just waiting for a creative make-over!

His head is sculpted with paper clay,
his neck is a vintage porcelain fixture!

His arms are wired wooden finials,
his hands are sculpted paper clay
(just waiting to hold a "treasure"...)

This little guy (who stands 17" tall without his paper hat)
needs a new home and needs to be "finished!"

Just leave a comment on this post...
if you would like to be included in the drawing this month. 
We will randomly pick a name from all the posts 
that are left between today and the end of April!

Don't forget: Attend to that unfinished business!


  1. I love love your work you have so much creative bones.
    How would you finish?
    Hope I win

  2. So wonderful ! Your dolls have such beautiful character !

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  4. Darlye, When I saw this doll I thought the same as Laura that you gave him great bones to work with. I love the fixture you used for his neck, the glasses, and the wire cage. Since I won your last fabulous give-away I do not expect to be entered into this one but I had to comment on the awesome treasure you are giving away. Joyous Wishes, Linda
    PS. I have a lot of unfinished business too. I'm still working on my Shrine Angel.

  5. Oh my, there's an awful lot of potential there just waiting to show itself Daryle! I love his little cage 'coat' and wire is one of my fav mediums to work with. I admire the way you just let go to use the parts for your dolls in wonderfully quirky ways. can you let him go!
    I always seem to have a basket full of unfinished business! :) Though I started a quest to finish them one by one recently.

    Thanks for another generous giveaway!

  6. Hey, I am the queen of unfinished business and he is just the one to watch over me and encourage me to keep going. I would dearly love to keep him. Beautiful work like yours really inspires me. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  7. I'm back looking the little guy . I'm on a trip in Spain. I was hoping I would find a santo cage dall no luck. Hope you week end is fun

  8. Love the shoes! Can't believe you are actually giving him away! I have just the place for him. My fingers and toes are crossed.
    Can't wait to see what you create next!

  9. Oh my, he is already wonderful! I'd love to have the chance to make him come to life, thank you for the opportunity Daryle.

  10. I think he is a long lost relative of my family. We anxiously await our reunion and are already gathering gifts to welcome him home.

  11. I'm so happy I looked today! I have given up on blogger. I can't see my list anymore and am so tired of trying to figure out internet puzzles. But I just needed to see what you've been up to. I would love to finish this guy up....I have my own pile tooo...maybe I should send you mine...Ha Ha

  12. I enjoy your art work and the process. I would love to finish this Unfinished Business.

  13. Your cleverness and talent abound and is only beaten by your generosity. You make April Happy!
    This doll is the story of my life! But I am working on changing it. :-)

  14. Oh! Good! I had just bought some vintage baby shoes at a vintage flea I know what to do with them. Love what you did with the baby shoes for this creation. Thanks for your endless creativity and for sharing what you create with found objects.