Thursday, March 26, 2015

March-End-of-the-Month Give-Away!

Time, much like the month of March… has slipped away.
But not without our Give-Away!
Many of you know that four years ago, I heard those words
when my biopsies came back: "You have cancer!"
Now, almost four years later and three years following
my treatment… I am thankful for wholeness in
spirit, mind, and body!

Several of us were challenged at that time, 
to create a doll that was based
upon this theme of "healing"…
Here is my mixed-media doll. 
It is time to pass it on; 
the hope of healing and wholeness!

Leave a comment or note on this post, 
between now and the end of the day on March 31st.
 Let us choose one name… 
and this guy will be in the mail on April 1st!
Blessings… Daryle


  1. It is so nice Love your design Would like to have one of yours

  2. Well, when I saw you'd updated the Cloth and Clay Dollmakers blog Daryle, I thought you'd started the Book Faerie videos! Yay! But then realising what it was I thought the chance to own one of your amazing dolls is just as good, and with a very touching sentiment attached to it!
    I didn't know the story behind it as I wasn't a follower back then, but so glad I am to know that you're still here to create your beauties. Well done and congratulations on this healing journey of yours. A wonderfully generous giveaway indeed! ♥

  3. Hi Daryle, you are really blessed. And I hope you will have many, many healthy and creative years left!
    I love your Angels - that's why I am a follower since a few years...
    Hugs from Germany

  4. Daryle, Your Hope angel is wonderful and so is your victory over the beast. I am now 9 years cancer free. My husband, Paul, lost his battle with brain cancer last July. Your hope angel's stance looking upward reminds me a little of my Willow Tree courage angel that a friend had gifted me after going through all the treatments. I'd love to enter your amazing give away. I'm working on my Shrine angel. I have do have a head. I didn't post it yet because I may take a break until after Easter to finish. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  5. Truly a piece of art with heart and soul! I would love to win this to grace my new home!

  6. Your Agel wonderful. You always create such beautiful works.
    Daryle, i sincerely wish you lots and lots years filled with health, happiness and many many many more creative years!

  7. Oh Daryle, what an amazing and inspiring doll! I would be honoured to own a piece of your amazing artwork, thank you so much for the opportunity and here's to many, many more years of good health and creativity!

  8. Daryle, I saw this angel doll with your post about giving him away a few days ago, but I was unable to respond because I wanted to talk you out of giving him away because he is so personal to you and also because he is such a very powerful reminder of true prayer and praying for those who are suffering. Who prays best for those who suffer than the one who has? Then it struck me that you are giving this angel away as an act of prayer and thanksgiving.
    Your angel is a reminder of that truth that all we have and all we are is in the hands of a loving and compassionate God. You illustrated the surrender to God not just in this angel’s facial expression, but the way he holds his hands and in every other aspect. This angel needs a special place on a prayer alter. I would be honored to have him on my prayer alter, but I know that whoever you chose to place him with will be the right choice. May God keep you always close and in perfect health

  9. Many, many thanks to each and all for taking a moment to leave a comment. The healing process is an amazing journey; you have been a part of that journey by sharing your well-wishes and kind comments. Blessings… Daryle