Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015... FunTastic Give-Aways Begin!

What a great way... to begin a New Year:
This month we begin the first (of many we hope)...
"2015... FunTastic Give-Aways!"
 This doll never made the mailing deadline for the Art Doll Quarterly
"medieval doll challenge" this past year.
So many of you commented and mentioned that you loved her...
so let's find her a new home!

This give-away is really easy...
Just leave us a comment on this post 
and sometime between now and the end of January
we will randomly pick a name from all the posted comments.
Then we will mail "Ol' Hildegard" off to the individual chosen!

(please keep in mind that we will need a full name and mailing address 
upon selection of the name chosen... in order to mail the doll)

Happy New Year's Blessings... 
Daryle & Katie


  1. Be still my beating heart........could I be so lucky?

  2. Beautiful work from a very humble artist, thank you for the chance!

  3. I've admired your work from afar and this makes me a bigger fan! Lovely.

  4. I would love to have one of your dolls.I do some clay work ,do not know how your creative mind work you have so many ideas.Like your primitives in the magazines Laura

  5. Oh - I would be so happy if Hildegard would find her way back to Germany....may be even to my home... ;-) ....
    (Of corse her flight would be my part!)
    Greetings fom Hannover
    mo (omamo)

  6. Wow! It would be a dream come true if she could come and live with me in Canada!

  7. You are so very generous -- with your talent and treasure. She's a beautiful representation of your oh most wonderful doll work. Your dolls always speak to my heart.

  8. Yes indeed what a great way to start a new year... especially for the person that wins this lovely doll. What a generous give away! A client of mine brought Hildegard of Bingen to my attention several years ago. Her illuminations are wonderful and I think you pay a great tribute to her and her life.
    Well done!

  9. Count me in!!!!!! I would love a chance at giving this beauty a home. Thank you for this chance at winning one of wonderful treasures.

  10. I think that if I'm so lucky to have such a lady I would have to take her to my job at Texas Oncology to honor her

  11. I am sorry that she didn't make the deadline, because surely she would have been chosen to be published!

  12. Personally, I would have entered her into another challenge...ADQs loss...hopefully my gain. As always; an amazing piece of work.

  13. Oh, so many wonderful people who vied for your Medieval Maiden's heart! Congratulation to Julie! What a wonderful kindness for you to be giving away your own treasured dolls, Daryle, providing such a joy to other kindred spirit doll makers, who adore your dolls!
    Teresa in California

  14. Wow! I didn't know. What a beautiful doll and a beautiful thing to do. I hope she found a wonderful home. You have really made me think about generosity.