Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ahhhh... Those Scented Geraniums!

For years, my herb garden back in Vermont was filled with
a variety of scented geraniums... fragrant, flowering, and easy!
On a whim this spring, I have decided to introduce some
to our flower gardens here in South Jersey... 
Some will be potted in terra cotta and some will take up 
permanent residence in the garden soil.

Growing right alongside our brick patio... "Old Fashioned Rose Scented"
It is so fragrant, the scent lingers on your finger tips.

"Lady Plymouth Rose" is along the side garden that I put in 
two years ago. This geranium has variegated, well-defined leaves.  

This variety... "Cinnamon Geranium"  
has much smaller leaves by comparison.

But the brilliant fuchsia flowers 
more than make up for the diminutive leaves!

Ah... and then the "impostors!"

We found these "Hen and Chicks" at an Amish farm in 
Lancaster County earlier this week... Katie is going to incorporate 
them in a metal wreath ring with sphagnum moss.
(we will keep you posted on this one!)
Happy Gardening!

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