Tuesday, October 22, 2013

American Santos... A Tuesday Morning Markdown!

She has been sitting on the shelf at the "Tuesday Morning" store
in Hockessin, Delaware for about eight months... marked $39.99
I just wasn't willing to pick her up at that price... (even in tax-free DE.) 
Although that was easily half the retail price on the internet!
So the other day, when Katie and I stopped at the store
and she was marked down an additional 20%...
Well, she came home with us!
I'm not kidding myself: She's not that pretty with those 
"gopher" cheeks and that wavy "hair!"  
From my perspective: her only redeemable attributes...
 are those articulated shoulders, elbows and wrists!
(O.K. and maybe the nice textured finish on her torso/arms)
So... I'm thinking a major "make-over" from the cage skirt up!
I believe she is partially wood, partially resin... 
I'm thinking that I am partially certifiable (if you know what I mean!)
So...let the chisel fly... let the sanding-block rip... 
and get out the paper clay... 'cause:
This girl's getting a make-over!  
(Yup... the walk-out-of-the-store-price was: $31.99)
What have I to "lose?" (wink!) Daryle

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