Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Keeper's Just Not Herself These Days!

I couldn't help but try my hand at PicMonkey's
Halloween addition... All at my poor doll's expense!
My apologies for not posting in well over a month...
all is well here in South Jersey, we're just busy with "life!"


  1. She is amazing! I love her red eyes and her smoky dress. It is a wonderful work. Many greetings from Erika

  2. Oh you so fooled me! I thought you'd altered her! Gives a whole new meaning to The Keeper! As in, rhymes with reaper? Teehee! Glad you had some fun...that sounds like a tool that could eat a lot of hours. :~)

  3. She looks awesomely spooky......Glad to hear you are doing so well!

  4. She is a little scary, but as usual beautifully made.. Happy that your busy.. Keeping well too I hope. ~ Julie.

  5. Hope the storm didn't impact Woodstown and your lovely part of it.

  6. Your Halloween edition of The Keeper is a delightfully creepy but totally fun project. I am so going to try PicMonkey!