Saturday, June 30, 2012

A NEW Cage Doll...

It's time to move on... and the notion of "a keeper of the dolls"
seems to be on the horizon of my creative bent.
I'm thinking a faux 18th century English wooden doll...
but with a twist: a French flair:

le gardien de poupĂ©es perdues 

I envision a paper clay head and torso that will cover 
the wooden finial on top of this (flea market) wood & wire birdcage.
The articulated arms will be designed using wood with paper clay hands.

The PLAN:  I have an abundant collection of various bisque
and frozen charlotte style dolls (see our May 3, 2010 post)
that will eventually find their way to the birdcage skirt of the doll...
O.K., enough posting... get to work!


  1. Oh yes!!! I can feel your imagination working from far away. It is going to be so much fun to see how this doll evolves. Wonderful ideas.

  2. Yes, get to work. Enough chatting.:)

  3. Fabulous idea, Daryle! The French style sounds fantastic!

  4. I can see it all now. It's going to be fantastic but you really do need to get to work!

  5. She is gorgeous, I absolutely love her. So unique!